StrengthsFinder 2.0

This book is an excellent starting point to finding your life’s purpose. The book itself, though, is not enough to help guide you through the self-discovery process and the changes that follow. It comes with an activation code that you use to do an online assessment. The assessment results give you 5 categories or “themes” that point you in the direction of where your strengths lie. Then it leaves you to figure out how this works in your life. Good thing there are a few courses available through trained facilitators that will help you apply this new knowledge. (See StrengthsQuest post)

Catalyst Rating: 7 seeds

note: Do NOT buy this book used. You will not be able to use the assessment code.


About Marsha Law

Hello, my name is Marsha, and I'm a craftaholic, fabricholic, bibliophile, and Crazy Cat Lady. I run with scissors and iron for fun; my neighbours bring stray furbabies to my door; I explore random nooks and crannies all over the world; I mix metaphors; and I dream of getting my small aircraft pilot's licence, moving to a warm climate, starting an international pet sanctuary (aka the Kitty Ranch) ... Um, yeah, flaps up!
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