More detailed and in-depth than Strengths Finder. It also comes with an activation code for the online assessment. You will get your results as your Top 5 themes and you can print reports that will help you understand each theme better. This book is focussed more on college students and young adults.

I found this book useful in helping people who are going through the initial stages of self-awareness. It provides theory and explanations on how to value uniqueness, and it does have practical tips for the application of the theory. But it isn’t sufficient for someone who is at a more advanced stage of the self-discovery and transformation process. You really need a guide who has some training to make sense of the information, or you could go horribly wrong in interpreting it.

Catalyst Rating: 8 Seeds

note: As with Strengths Finder 2.0, only buy this book new because the activation code is good for just one use.

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Strengths Quest ~ Discover and Develop Your Strengths in Academics, Career, and Beyond


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