This is a construction site and I think I’ve misplaced the damned hammer again. Have you seen it? You check over there and I’ll look over here …

Truth is, this site will always be under construction; just like life itself. Chances are you’re here because you feel like everything has tumbled down around your feet, or you’ve become aware of the need to add a room or two to your concept of “self”.

Fixing or Building?

So, are you under construction? How do you know? Are you feeling a little uneasy about where your life is? Searching for that special someone and finding the ones that are just a little bit too special? Or have you been suddenly afflicted with an almost overwhelming urge to yell at the cat for meowing?

Step 1

Ok, first thing is to stay away from the poor little creature because meowing is what he was meant to do.

Step 2

Refrain from panicking. Chances are you’re not ready to wear a straight jacket yet. Take deep breaths and keep checking out the window for the guys in white lab coats.

Step 3

Next, you might want to … skip all the BS and get some help because not even the best of us can do this alone!

If you think you need someone to hold your hand, kick your ass, or point you in the direction of useful resources, then you will have to take the first step and contact a butt-kicking, hand-holding, big-eared lunatic who just might have a box of handy tools to help. (Oooh, me, me! Pick me! I know how to use power tools…)

Alone or with a Supportive Friend?

Whether you struggle through everything alone or get yourself a strong support system, it’s all up to you, isn’t it? The power to be the best you is in your hands … and so is the hammer, by the way.