Sunny Side Up!


My Mission Possible:
Walk on the sunny side of the street and reunite people with their missing inner children.

You know, when I saw the slogan for the TV show, Fringe, I thought, “AH-HA! That’s me!” —endless impossibilities. If you’ve never seen the show, then let me explain a bit. It’s not about how things can’t happen or can’t be done. It’s exactly the opposite. No matter how insanely unrealistic something might seem, keeping an open mind and heart can make impossibilities into realities.

So, what is it you might want to know about me?

Despite the fact that sometimes people just piss me off and for a brief moment I might think, “Give me a shack in the woods so I can get away!” the truth is I get antsy and blue when I’m not around people. I am one hell of a social butterfly! (Malcolm Gladwell called people like me “the connectors.”) Contact with other human beings (and furry animals) feeds my soul and energizes me.

I haven’t always been so sure of who I am. I’ve felt like an imposter in my own life for most of my adult years. It took a lot of energy to sustain inauthenticity and maintain a persona that I thought other people would accept—and then I ran out of energy. In the past few years, inspired by some wonderful people, I’ve taken down most of my own walls and discovered the peace that comes from not needing to hide. And it seems that, along the way, I have inspired others to be themselves too. That is so awesome!

I am by no means perfect. I still have way too many faults to list. But who says you have to be perfect before you can help other people grow? I still laugh too much and too loudly. I still get shy in large groups. I still forget to bring the cat inside. I swear on occasion and I get into trouble all the time. But I’ll be damned if those faults haven’t made life mighty interesting!

Oh yeah! Some people might be scanning these pages looking for my credentials. (Actually those people might have quit reading 5 minutes ago.) I ask you: What is the difference between credentials and qualifications? Once you have an answer, send me a message and I will give you my list of credentials and qualifications. Cool?

Enough about me! How’s life going for you?